Hot Topics in the Hot Sun: Water Water Everywhere: The Natural, Ritual, and Mystical July 25, 2017

July 31st, 2017

Taught by Rabbi Batsheva Appel:

In may of our sacred stories, water plays a part.  there are the encounters at the well where Jacob & Rachel and Moses & Tzippora meet each other.  There is Miriam's Well, the water source that accompanied the Israelites in the Wilderness, according to the Rabbis.  There are the waters of creation and the waters of the Sea of Reeds that splits for the Exodus.

There is the sea-going story of the prophet Jonah.

During this course we will dive ina nd look at the possiblitlites of water as a metaphor and water as a prop, both in the Tanakh and rabbinic literature, even as the monsoon season begins bringing water to our corner of the world.

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